Common travel mistakes that you should avoid Posted on October 27, 2016 by Saibala Grand

While you travel there are chances that you tend to make certain mistakes.  It’s common to make these mistakes, but simple tricks can help you avoid them. Sometimes certain mistakes can spoil your trip which can lead to disappointment and a waste of money. Know how to avoid your mistakes while you travel by following us on social media. At Saibala Grand, one of the best business hotels in Chennai, we will make your stay comfortable and memorable.

  • Stop over packing, take what you need and reduce as much as possible. Don’t carry too many clothes and accessories. If you’re travelling alone then it becomes hard to move around with heavy luggage.
  • Never blindly believe what people say when you ask someone for directions. Check with 2 or 3 people and then move ahead. Stick to your map as these days are very reliable.
  • Stick to your budget and don’t exceed the limit, else you might end up with empty pockets. Minimise your costs as much as possible, this will leave you with money for emergency situations. It’s not restricting yourself it’s just exploring new things with minimal budget.
  • When you travel abroad it’s good to inform the bank about your travel. Else your credit/debit card will be barred due to unusual activities.
  • Check the time gap between connecting flights. Make sure that you have a couple of hours left to board another flight.
  • Double check all your bookings - travel, accommodation and date. Make sure that you are travelling on the right day and time so that you won’t miss any of your flights.
  • Make sure you carry a copy of all the documents which is required, sometimes you might lose it. Make sure to keep a copy in digital safe locks so that if you lose your copy you can use the spare.
  • Keep some cash in a different place, there’s are chances of you losing your wallet. So it is safe to keep some spare cash in a different bag.
  • Before you travel make sure you know about the place, climate and any famous tourist spots. Based on the weather conditions you can carry the clothes you might need and plan for each day.
  • Don’t be bold and experiment with new cuisines, sometimes you might fall ill as the food might not suite you well.  Know your limits when you consume alcohol.

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