Things to do when you are stuck in traffic Posted on November 21, 2016 by Saibala Grand

Can people survive a 11-day traffic jam? Yes, people in Beijing have spent 11 days in traffic in 2010. The traffic piled up for about 10 miles. This till date is the longest recorded traffic jam in the world. While the situation in Chennai is not that bad, but traffic congestions have now become a natural extension of our travel routine within the city. Here are some tips that can help you kill time in traffic.

  • Pamper yourself when you are stuck in traffic. Women have lots of work at home so they get less time to dress up. Utilise this opportunity to touch-up your make-up or apply some polish on your nails. Men who leave home in a rush can wear their tie while stuck in traffic, comb their hair etc.
  • Play games on your phone. It not only helps kill time but also builds your concentration and improve strategic skills.
  • Clean your car. Collect all the waste paper – toll tickets, petrol bills, chocolate wrappers and throw them in a garbage bin when you step out of the car. You can also go ahead vacuum your seats and dashboard while waiting at traffic lights.

Another idea is to catch a quick bite while stuck in traffic. A sandwich or a burger, chocolates or wafers are easy to munch on during traffic. At Saibala Grand, we can help you carry packed food for your journey in the city or even outside of it. Book your stay with us – the nest hotel in Chennai near airport, and enjoy a truly personalised stay.