Series 2: Things to do when you are stuck in traffic Posted on November 07, 2016 by Saibala Grand

In our previous blog we shared few tips which you can try when you are stuck in traffic jam. Follow more of these tips to spend the time in a better way rather than getting frustrated. The next time you get stuck in traffic, park your vehicle and head to Saibala Grand- the best hotel in Chennai to enjoy a yummy delicious dinner or lunch. Follow our tips and spend your traffic jam to utilise it in a better way.

  • Read some useful articles from the web. People are very busy with their work schedules and no time to read, so when you are stuck in jam use this time to read and learn. If you are not interested in reading articles you can just catch up with novels or newspapers. By reading useful articles one can gain knowledge as well as improve their thinking capacity.
  • Solve some puzzles and participate in online quiz. This will help in knowing your knowledge capacity. This will also refresh your mind and your thinking capability will also be improved. IQ level, concentration, social skills and productivity will be improved.
  • If your sticking to only one language, then it’s just that a person is lacking abilities. Try to learn as many languages as possible. Learning a foreign language is an added benefit.

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