Series 1: Things to do when you are stuck in traffic Posted on November 4, 2016 by Saibala Grand

Spending hours together in traffic is the worst thing but nothing can be done but it’s a daily routine for most of the people. Bumper to bumper experiences are quiet boring and it is very hard to pass the time. Follow our tips when you are stuck in traffic and spend the time to learn something or just enjoy yourself.

  • Listen to some favourite talk shows. Check with the different radio shows which might pull your attention and listen to it. The shows might help you to reduce your frustrations and you can also kill time.
  • Prepare your checklist or things to do list. When you are sitting idle it is good to prepare a thing to do list which helps you to do them later when you get back to work. You can also prepare a checklist and know what you have finished and prepare accordingly.
  • Call your friends or relatives with whom you haven’t spoken from a very long time. Use this time to stay in touch with people. Know what’s happening with them and share your stuffs as well.

Don’t let the traffic stress you out so spend this time doing something useful. Know more in the next blog series.