Street food of Chennai Posted on November 30th, 2016 by Saibala Grand

Chennai, when you hear this word the first thing which strike your mind is beaches. Chennai is not only well known for beaches and culture but also famous for street food. You can get a chance to munch hot ghee idlis, bajjis, sundal and much more finger licking dishes. Stay at Saibala Grand, the best hotel in Chennai near airport.

Idli is the staple food of Chennai, you can get to eat some soft spongy idli’s if you happen to be at Chennai. There are many small stores which serves hot idlis all over Chennai. Relish them more with a variety of chutney’s and spicy sambar.

Walk near the beaches and taste some spicy sundal. Sundal is the best and well known dish of Chennai which is made out of chickpea and sprinkled with coconut and onion. You can also get to eat some tasty bhel puri’s, pani puri and pav bhaji.

Walking under the scorching sun in Chennai is a tiring task but you can walk miles if you can taste some cold sweet lassi. Enjoy variety of lassi which is the best to quench your thirst.

Having some yummy sandwiches in the evening can refresh you. Have to tasted chocolate sandwich, maggi sandwich and lays sandwich? Guess it would be the first time to hear such, but if you are at Chennai you can get a chance to taste them.

Do you want to savour some Burmese dishes? Chennai street food offers delicious Burmese cuisines which is just the best for food lovers. Relish the yummy cuisines like atho, mohinga, Burmese biriyani and many more other cuisines.