The building in honour of Lord Ripon- Ripon Building Posted on January 9th, 2017 by Saibala Grand

The white historical building was built by Loganatha Mudaliar and it look 4 years to complete. The building was built in honour of Lord Ripon who was a Viceroy of British India for a short period but succeeded in winning the hearts of Indians. Lord Ripon was also known as the father of the local self-government. At present, Ripon building is used as an office for the Chennai municipal corporation.

Ripon building is a perfect example for neo classical style of architecture which is a smooth blend of Gothic, Corinthian and Ionic architecture. The beautiful three storey building houses a central clock tower- Westminster Quarter chiming clock, which was installed by Oakes and Co., the clock is the main attraction of the building. I t was installed in 1913 and is of a mechanical key system which must be wound every day. The flooring was of Cudappah slate which was later replaced by marble. Certain restoration and renovation methods have been undertaken to restore the building in 2012.

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