Famous Jain temple in ChennaiPosted on September 08, 2016 by Saibala Grand

Adeeswar temple is one of the famous Jain temple in Chennai which is dated back to the early 1st century. The temple is dedicated to Sri Rishabhadev or Adi Bhagvan. The temple is located in Polai village and is just 9km away from the main city. Valluvar’s who resided in Mylapore discovered this beautiful temple. Adeeswar temple is also known as Polai temple by the localites.

Adeeswar Temple (Image Credits : http://www.yatrastotemples.com/adeeswar-jain-temple-polal/)

Along with Sri Rishabhadev other thirthankar’s are also worshipped in this temple: Adi Bhagwan, Adinath, Adeeswar and Adi Jain. You can find many ruined temples surrounded the temple. Adeeswar temple was earlier renovated many times during the Pallava period around the 4th century. Due to its archaism, holiness and significance it has become a very sacred place for the pilgrims in and around Chennai. Special Pooja and rituals are followed during the festivals and other auspicious day. In the month of November i.e. Kartika month the temple is lit completely with oil lamps. Special prayers and fasting rituals are also done during the Udhyapana festival.

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