Guide for the novice to learn Tamil Posted on July 13, 2016 by Saibala Grand

Newbie to Chennai? Do you feel restricted and lost because of language barriers? We’re here to help. Join us on Facebook as we let you learn Tamil with us. We will share common words and phrases of Tamil that will help you find your way in the city. So join in and start learning a new language.

About Tamil – the language
A Dravidian language, Tamil is widely spoken in India and Sri Lanka. It is also the official language of Singapore. In 2004, the Government of India declared it as a classical language.

Tamil is a very old, classical language in the world. If you happen to visit Adichanallur an archaeological site in Tirunelveli district you can see Tamil-Brahmi inscriptions dated back to 500 BC. At Samanamalai also, you can find Tamil-Brahmi inscriptions dated 2,200 years old on a boulder.

Tamil is the first language of the majority of people residing in Tamil Nadu. Hence, it is always useful to know some common words and phrases in Tamil when visiting Chennai - whether on business of leisure. It will help you communicate with people better - especially when you need to ask questions such as price, time, direction etc.

With Saibala Grand now you can pick up some useful phrases in Tamil. All you need to do is connect with us on Facebook where we will share our daily dose of Tamil with you.

Happy learning!