Series: Business travel tips Posted on October 13, 2016 by Saibala Grand

Preparing for business meetings, scheduling appointments and packing your luggage in between them for a business trip can be really strenuous. Try to minimise the tasks and maximise the time in preparing for your presentations and other business tasks by following these business travel tips and tricks. Saibala Grand is a business hotel in Chennai near the airport which offers a large and spacious banquet hall that works great for meetings, presentations and formal gatherings. Special VIP lounge and other high end facilities are also offered to the guests.

  • Limit your luggage as much as possible. Carrying everything in a huge suitcase just for two days can be really tiring. Try to take less luggage as much as possible so that it will easy during check-in and you will save time. Moving around with heavy luggage will be a hectic task.
  • Though you travel often there are chances that you might forget to pack few things. Prepare a checklist before you start packing. Once you are done with packing the luggage you can just check with the list.
  • If you are an all time traveller then keep a small bag always packed with the regular items which are required on a daily basis such as toiletries, a pair of clothes, extra charger, torch and other necessary items.
  • Make sure your dress is well maintained without any stains, messy and crumple. Prepare the dress well in prior while packing the luggage so that later you need not waste time in doing laundry.

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